5 Common 3D Printing Myths vs. Fact


The 3D printing industry is an exciting, expanding industry that is beginning to reach more and more homes . According to one report by Juniper Research, consumer 3D printers are expected to exceed 1 million units by 2018, which is a sharp rise from 2014’s 44,000 total units sold .

Along with the new technology and advancements there are a few myths about 3D printers that commonly circulate. Here we tell you what is really happening in the industry, what to expect from a home 3D printer and give you the facts.

Flashforge Creator Pro 3D printer

Myth: 3D Printers are Expensive

Fact: There are a variety of styles and types of 3D printers for the home currently on the market with a price range averaging between $500 and $3,000 for a quality printer. The 3D printer brand, features, speed and technology all contribute to the price. For instance, the XYZPrinting Da Vinci printer can be purchased online for around $500, depending on the seller, plus shipping, and is a quality printer ready to use right out of the box. Check out our in depth reviews of XYZPrinting 3D printers.

Myth: 3D Printers are Difficult to Use

Fact: The variety of 3D printers on the market and the various types of programs that are used to prepare prints make it possible to find a 3D printer that is easy to learn and easy to use. There are some more advanced printers that require the use of CAD programs or other design software which may take some time to learn and be necessary for detailed or large projects.

However, there are also a number of printers that come with ready-to-print designs and access to open source designs which can be printed right away and do not require additional training. 3D printers are easier to use for home makers then they ever have been and will likely continue to improve and become more versatile and the technology advances.

Myth: 3D Printers are only for Techies

Fact: While there are some 3D printers on the market that are perfect for people who want to tinker and develop their own machine and software, like the open-source Lulzbot 3D Printer, there are also printers that are easy to use, right out of the box and can have any person printing within an afternoon, even if they have never used a 3D printer before.

The various types of 3D printers is one of the positives about the industry, giving everyone a chance to find the 3D printer that works best for their project, knowledge and experience.

Myth: 3D Printers are Limited

Fact: It is a common misconception that 3D printers are very limited to simple designs and one of two kinds of plastic filament. The truth is that they can be programed and built to work with various degrees of detail and size of object as well print with a range of materials that is ever expanding.

Advancements in 3D printing technology have improved the machine and made it possible for a wider range of objects to be printed. 3D printers can now print wood, sugar, metal and other filaments with innovations continuing. Current 3D printers are able to create much more than simple designs with few materials.

Myth: 3D Printers are Too New of a Technology

Fact: 3D printers may be entering the mainstream as a semi-novel idea, but the truth is they have been around and being used in the manufacturing industry for a long time. The technology of additive manufacturing is not new, though having access to additive manufacturing in your home is relatively new.

Because the technology has already been in use for many years by industry , there are a lot that makers that have already done with 3D printing that is now being developed on the smaller, personal scale for your home 3D printer. The innovations in the industry make it a great time to buy and learn how to use a 3D printer even if you never have before.

Find the Right Home 3D Printer for You

To get started, check out the reviews that we have completed on some of the most popular 3D printers currently on the market today. These reviews will introduce you to some great 3D printing companies and help you find the right printer for your home.


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