What You Don’t Know About a 3D Printing Business


Many people that have their own company and are interested in utilizing a 3D printing business for their products don’t really know much about the process itself, the type of products they can produce, or the quality. Here you will learn the process involved in creating 3D objects, as well as take a look at what you can expect from the quality of the products these high-tech machines produce.

When it comes to utilizing a 3D printing business, most people don’t know what to expect and the issue will usually lie with build quality, raised expectations, and the usability of the products that have been created.

What People Expect

Most people have seen tools, shoes and even musical instruments that have been printed using a 3D printer. The most expensive models will utilize resins or lasers during the creation process and people generally think that they’ll be able to create an object without having any training, with a model that costs under a thousand dollars.

When you’re considering purchasing a model for business or personal use, there are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration before you decide to buy.

The strength of the products that are created using one of these machines is typically not as strong as the same item that was manufactured in the traditional way. These printers use layer by layer technology, which is both the greatest weakness and the biggest strength of this process. When using 3D printing you’re building a product using layers, which means that it has certain weaknesses, as a layer will not bond well with certain design styles.

elasto plastic

When people think about using a 3D printer, they typically think of making products using plastic. Often, they will visualize a product that is smooth and has a glossy finish. Many companies will offer a smooth finish plastic, but will often fail to mention that these materials will more often than not, turn out to have an almost matte appearance and a rough texture.

The cost of using this type of technology will be based on the materials that are used, so the larger the item the higher the cost. The price will also have nothing to do with the complexity in design, or the number of parts involved. The materials used for these printers are also significantly more costly than they are if you were purchasing raw material.

Most people assume the process of creating products using 3D printing is fast, faster than you might expect when having a product manufactured the traditional way. This is also not true. The amount of time it will take to create an item can take several hours or even days.

Where this Technology is headed

The future of this technology will lie in the potential for individuals to share, invent and create ideas. Since this type of technology was created, there have been a number of designers that have been successful in developing quality products. As the technology continues to grow, it can be utilized in a number of fields such as aerospace, medical equipment, and everyday household items. The possibilities are endless.

3D printing technology is still in the beginning stages. There are a number of options out there these days for people, when it comes to an alternative to purchasing one of these machines.  Online companies that have the most advanced printers offer their printing services to companies and consumers, which is an ideal option for people that are unskilled at operating these machines or it can be viewed as a more cost effective choice for a smaller business.


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