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MakerGear is an Ohio-based 3D printer company who carefully designs, engineers, and manufactures 3D printers and accessories. They have been in business since 2009, empowering consumers to make the most of their creativity by taking charge of their design potential.

The MakerGear team prides itself on making great 3D printers, and the printers are resilient. During the 2013 National Senior Games, held in Cleveland, Ohio, the company set up a printing demonstration with the MakerGear M2, and inadvertently found that the open platform printer held up rather well, printing under the rain; although, I’m sure they wouldn’t recommend it.

MakerGear proudly supports the U.S. economy by using local resources to accomplish the machining, fabricating, wiring, and assembly required to get the printers up and ready to go. And they’ve gone far and wide. The company has shipped printers all over the U.S. and over 70 other countries.

These are excellent 3D printers, which make them suitable for commercial manufacturing, and would be a sound investment for anyone wanting to print their designs from home.