3D Printer Costs for your Home or Business


If you’re someone that owns your own business, or have even just read about 3D printer technology and are interested in purchasing a model we will tell you what the average 3D printer costs as well as take a look at what these machines can do in order to help you to make an informed decision.

Many of these models are considered to be out of the price range for most people, but as advancements are made with this type of technology more companies are striving to produce a machine that is more affordable for the everyday consumer.

While currently, most 3D printers are only available for purchase online, that will soon be changing as 3D printer costs decline. In the next few years, several options for smaller models will be available for purchase in such stores as Staples and Best Buy.

Models that are Currently Available for Purchase

Some stores are already selling the 3D cube model, which comes fully assembled and will take up only a small amount of desk space, with the software program included is compatible with PCs and even Macs. This model in particular is able to produce items that are five by five inches and also allows you to print off your creations in sixteen different colors. The cost for the cube is currently set at around $1,300.

What the Future Holds

Until very recently, 3D models were only available to major industries, but now, online shops have opened their doors to everyone, featuring do it yourself printing kits.  

Individuals that are want more high-tech and sophisticated models will need to go through sales reps, instead of simply clicking and purchasing. Some manufacturers will also offer leasing programs, with the cost ranging from two to three hundred a month.

Should you desire to purchase a model for your company, you’ll be looking at a cost range of eight to fifty thousand, depending on the size of the model and the manufacturer.

3d printer service

When purchasing, you’ll be able to bypass a sales representative, making it a quick click and purchase. These models will have a price that ranges from six hundred to two thousand.

If it’s not in your budget to purchase one of these machines at this time, there are online services that will do all of the printing for you. This involves making your purchase online, uploading the item’s blueprints and specifying the colors and materials that are to be used. A sales rep will get back to you within a period of twenty-four to forty-eight hours with the estimated cost and time frame. Typically these companies can have your orders ready to be shipped in two to three weeks.


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