Gotta Catch’em All Your 3D Printed Pokemon


The Pokemon Go craze has swept the nation, creeping into everything from the White House to MMA. The 3d printing universe isn’t immune either. There are a bunch of new designs available for download from Pinshape and Thingiverse inspired, we assume, from the new interest in this game. Check out our favorites 3d printed Pokemon designs below, and print off your favorite creature or show your pride for your team.

Pokemon Go Team Badges

Team Valor, all the way. No matter who you chose, let others know how you roll.

Pokemon Go 3d Printed Team Badges
Source: Pokemon Go Team Badges by MakeEverything/Thingiverse

3D Printed Pokemon Team Key Rings

All right, badges might be too conspicuous for you. Why not put it on a chain instead?

Pokemon Team Key Ring 3d
Source: Team Mystic Keyring by Keridel/Thingiverse

The creator designed key rings for Team Valor, as well. No Team Instinct, yet. For that, look at this 3d design from cxsquared.

Having trouble finding your favorite Pokemon? Print’em all!

3d printed Onix
Source: Onix by ClassyGoat/Thingiverse

3d Printed Weepinbell
Source: Weepinbell by Skellyton5/Pinshape

Charizard 3d Design
Source: Charizard by Lukaey/Thingiverse

3d printed pikachu pokemon
Source: Pikachu! remix by laycat/Thingiverse

Phone holding Pokegauntlet

Needs your hands free for a second to look up? Check out this iPhone6 mount.

3d printed pokegauntlet
Source: Pokegauntlet by lowrizzle/Thingiverse

Why throw digital Pokemon balls when you can make your own?

This 3-piece project would make a great paperweight, or perhaps a prop if you get into the UFC ring.

3d Printed Pokemon Ball
Source: Pokeball Remix by Level2three/Thingiverse

If you’re playing Pokemon Go, enjoy yourself and be safe out there. And while you’re inside, bring your digital captures to life. There are a bunch more designs available on Thingiverse and Pinshape. Keep an eye out! Check out our 3d printer reviews if you’re wondering where to start.


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