MP Mini Delta vs MP Select Mini V2 In-Depth Review


MP Mini Delta vs MP Select Mini V2 Comparison

How good can a mini 3D printer really be? One company, Monoprice, aims to answer that question with their ever-evolving release of new mini 3D printers. Today we look at Monoprice’s Mini Delta and the Select Mini V2, two of the smallest and lightest fully-functional 3D printers on the market today. We scrutinize both machines to determine how they stack up against larger competition as well as one another in today’s MP Mini Delta vs MP Select Mini V2 comparison.

MP Mini Delta Basics

Despite this 3D printer’s small ø110 x 120mm build volume, the Monoprice Mini Delta’s other specs are all above average. Take, for example, its blazing print speeds that reach up to 150mm/s, or its crazy high print resolutions up to 50 microns. This petite 3D printer connects via microSD, WiFi, or USB for easy access no matter your preferred data transfer method. When it comes to filament selection, the MP Mini Delta’s hotend reaches temperatures up to 260°C and comes with a heated print bed. This means you can print with ABS, PLA, or PETG.

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Finally, since we’re talking about mini 3D printers today, overall size and weight is a serious consideration. The MP Mini Delta’s dimensions measure 17.5 x 11.8 x 11 inches, while the unit weighs less than 5lbs without filament. Read the full Monoprice Mini Delta review here.

MP Select Mini V2 Basics

Next to the Mini Delta, the MP Select Mini V2 fails to stack up. On every front except build volume, where it offers 4.7³inches, the Select Mini V2 falls behind. This 3D printer boasts just 55mm/s print speeds, 100-micron maximum resolution, and a hotend reaching only 230°C. Even the Select Mini V2’s connectivity options are lacking. Users may choose from either a microSD or USB connection. Thankfully, the Select Mini V2 comes complete with a heated printing bed, albeit an unpredictable one.

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Interestingly, despite having the larger build volume, the MP Select Mini V2 is physically smaller than the Mini Delta cialis kje kupiti. It measures 11.3 x 7.5 x 13.5 inches and weighs just under 10lbs. Click here to read our full Monoprice Select Mini review.

MP Mini Delta vs MP Select Mini V2 Similarities: Simple Plug-n-Play Operation

Are you mechanically disinclined? The MP Mini Delta and MP Select Mini V2 were built with you in mind. In fact, both 3D printers come to your door fully assembled and ready to go. With this level of convenience also comes a similar level of user-friendliness. The Mini Delta requires a little more know-how for spectacular results, but on the whole both 3D printers are easy and intuitive to use for novices. Fixing mechanical problems is also easy, thanks to the simple designs and components found in these two 3D printers.

It’s also worth noting that Monoprice 3D printers are compatible with all 3rd party slicers. That means you can use whatever software you’re familiar with instead of being forced into a proprietary program. This small detail sets the Mini Delta and Select Mini V2 apart from other mini 3D printers like the da Vinci Minimaker.

MP Mini Delta vs MP Select Mini V2 Differences: Stability

When we reviewed the MP Select Mini, component quality was the biggest disappointment. While we appreciated the metal construction, individual components like the power supply and print bed heating element left much to be desired.

In contrast, the MP Mini Delta is not only slightly cheaper than the Select Mini V2, but also more dependable. Namely, the heating bed reaches temperature more quickly and retains heat more reliably. By nature of being a Delta 3D printer, the Mini Delta also doesn’t suffer other problems, like sagging, rattling Z-rods. Unlike the MP Select Mini V2, you won’t need to upgrade or replace any of the Mini Delta’s parts unless you like to tinker.

Notably, both 3D printers suffer from connectivity issues. At these prices, we’re frankly not surprised.

MP Mini Delta vs MP Select Mini V2 Verdict

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Rarely do we see such a blow out in our Versus articles, but today the choice is clear. When given the choice between these two 3D printers, we’d choose the Monoprice Mini Delta every time. Sure, it’s got a smaller build volume, but that’s why it’s called “mini”. Besides sporting better overall specs and quality, the Mini Delta is actually cheaper than the Select Mini V2. For those reasons and a few others, we recommend the MP Mini Delta to new and experienced users alike as an affordable option with exceptional print quality.


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