UP Mini 2 3D Printer Review


UP Mini 2 3D Printer Review Results

7.8 Good

Some companies will put out new models of their 3D printers without much measurable innovation. The UP Mini 2 is a true exception, different and better than its beloved predecessor in almost every way. Today we take a look at this 3D printer's best and worst features to help you decide if it's time to upgrade or take the plunge.

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  • Printing Speed 6.5
  • Build Size 6.0
  • Precision 8.0
  • Value 9
  • Design 9
  • User Experience 8

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UP Mini 2 3D Printer Review Basics

Many people are drawn to the UP Mini 2 3D printer for its approachable price tag. This mid-range printer is a bargain, especially considering its impeccable print quality. Although the print space is a bit cramped at 4.7”-cubed, and print speeds range from sluggish to okay, the objects made with this machine are truly impressive. At its smallest resolutions of 150 microns, objects come out smoothly with invisible layers.

This is especially true with ABS, for which UP has always excelled. ABS works so well with this machine because it provides solid enclosure and preheating options that optimize conditions in the build space before a print. These features result in warp-free, seamless printed objects. Accessing your print is also easy with the UP Mini 2. Both front and back doors open, and the build plate is easily removable and replaceable.

Connect to this 3D printer with USB or WiFi. It uses UP’s own UP Studio software, which is comparable to popular freeware in performance while remaining easy to use for novices and students. Once you’re familiar with the software you can print with any filament up to 270ºC, including 3rd party filaments.

UP Mini 2 3D Printer Review Pros

Clean, Quiet Operation

While some 3D printers are relegated to the garage for noise, fumes, or both, the UP Mini 2 3D printer can easily be running in the background while you watch TV or even sleep! It runs at an ambient noise level of approximately 58dB according to UP, and in our experience sounds similar to a box fan.

It’s not just quiet, either. The UP Mini 2 3D printer uses a HEPA filter to filter both the exhausted and internal air. The result is a clean-smelling print, even with ABS. Printed objects also benefit from having a more pristine, controlled printing environment. These features combined make the UP Mini 2 ideal for in-home or school use.

Included Accessories

Even at its ultra affordable price, the UP Mini 2 3D printer comes with everything you need to get started right in the box. This includes a set of tools, heat resistant gloves, clippers for post work, three total print beds, and even a high quality scraper.

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UP Mini 2 3D Printer Review Cons

Filament Caddy and Filament Settings

Designed to protect filament from dust, moisture, and UV damage, the included filament caddy is great for UP filament. It isn’t as versatile as it could be for 3rd party filaments, however. Spools larger than 500g simply won’t fit. Neither does it perform any other function like keeping track of how much filament is left. We like the idea of the caddy but are disappointed by the execution.

Poor Warranty

For all the great performance and extra features this 3D printer has to offer, it only comes with a limited 1-year warranty. We think we speak for everyone when we say we’d rather have a better warranty than a few extra tools in the box.

UP Mini 2 3D Printer Review Verdict

This 3D printer is everything most people want from a small, tabletop machine. It’s quiet and fume-free, easy to maintain, prints flawlessly, and looks great. Despite its few disadvantages, the UP Mini 2 3D printer is one of the best values in 3D printing today. Sure, there are faster 3D printers, and those that are friendlier to 3rd party filament, but this printer is still an amazing buy for makers of all experience levels.

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