2017 Consumer SLA 3D Printer Buying Guide


Buying an SLA 3D Printer is easy when you know what to look for. Let’s take a look at what an SLA 3D Printer is, what to look for when buying and SLA 3D Printer, and see some of the best SLA 3D Printers on the market today. This in depth buying guide will give you all you need to choose the right SLA 3D Printer for you and your builds.

SLA 3D Printers Explained

An SLA 3D printer uses light to harden resin and create physical objects. SLA 3D printing is relatively fast and the printing speeds of these printers is getting faster. SLA 3D Printers are perfect for rapid prototyping and making detailed prints. Speed is not the only factor to consider when choosing your Printer. Let’s take a look at some of the factors to consider when buying your new 3D Printer.

Choosing the Best SLA 3D Printer

Many people reading this will already have a good idea if the specs and features they are looking for. For those starting out, knowing what to look for in a SLA 3D Printer can be a bit overwhelming. Here is a short guide for choosing the best SLA 3D Printer.

  • Resin Re-Filling System.
  • This type of 3D Printer prints using light and resin. So all of your prints will consume, at least, some amount of resin. How this resin is refiled is key because the process can be bothersome if you need to refil in the middle of a print. some printers offer automatic refiling systems which avoids this issue.

  • Print Resolution.
  • As with other types of 3D Printers, resolution matters. Print resolution is especially important with SLA because resolution is one of the advantages that SLA has over FDM 3D Printing or other types of 3D printing. When you think SLA 3D printing think resolution.

  • Proprietary Resin
  • Another important question to ask when buying an SLA 3D Printer is “does it require proprietary resin”. Proprietary resin does have its advantages. One being that you will be sure that the resin works with your printer. On the other hand, you will be required to purchase all of your resin from the printer manufacture.

    This will not be in issue for most, but some my prefer non-proprietary resin options.

Top Consumer SLA 3D Printer Comparison Guide

Picture Name Layer Resolution Supported Resin Price Rating (1-10)
zyx nobel 1.0 sla 3d printer Nobel 1.0 300 microns X&Y axis Photo-polymer Resin $$ 7.4

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