QIDI Technology X-One 3D Printer Review

7.5 Awesome

Entry level printers are getting better all the time, and today we're pleased to review one of the best affordable 3D printers to date. The QIDI X-One is a rock solid machine with a lot of power and versatility under the hood. At a glance, everything about this machine looks perfect, but we're about to put it through it's paces. Keep reading to see what we uncover.

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  • Printing Speed 8
  • Build Size 7
  • Precision 8
  • Value 9
  • Design 6
  • User Experience 7

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QIDI Technology X-One Review Basics

The first feature you’ll notice about the QIDI X-One is its unmissable bright blue steel frame. For its relatively small build space of 5.5x 5.5×5.5-inches, the entire machine is quite bulky. It stands 15×12.5×14-inches and weighs 42lbs. It’s big and heavy, but that’s because the whole frame, down to the fan guard, is made of durable steel. For all its brawn, this machine can be delicate too, printing at resolutions between 100-500 microns with a .4mm nozzle. 

Following suit, the heated build plate is made from aluminum alloy. This allows you to print in both PLA and ABS. Although this printer won’t auto-level the print bed for you, leveling is made easy using the responsive 3.5” touchscreen.

QIDI Technology X-One Review Pros

Fast and Accurate

There are plenty of little features to nitpick when reviewing 3D printers, but at the end of the day speed and accuracy reign supreme. Without accuracy, you’re limited to rudimentary models. Without speed, you can run into very real time restraints.

Thankfully, the X-One suffers none of these problems. It prints at speeds up to 150mm/s with exceptional accuracy and minimal flaws. You may need to clean up some stringing at the end, but we were more than impressed with this printer’s results. Round, flat, diagonal – this 3D printer is up for any challenge within its limited build volume.

Quality Construction

In addition to being quick and precise, this 3D printer sports a strong, durable frame. Every piece is firmly bolted and anchored to the heavy body. That means fragile components won’t rattle and shift when the machine is running. That goes a long way toward the overall longevity and ease of maintenance for this piece.

QIDI Technology X-One Review score

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QIDI Technology X-One Review Cons

Big and Loud

The bright blue color is one thing, but users may not be thrilled by how bulky and loud this printer is. Considering its build volume, this printer has a lot of dead, open space. To be fair, its nearest competitor, the FlashForge Finder, is $100 more and even larger with the same build volume osterreichische-apotheke.com. Still, the blue steel frame has a way of looking bulky, and the motor resonates loudly when the machine is on. You won’t likely be setting this model up in your bedroom.

QIDI Technology X-One Review Verdict

There’s plenty to love about this sturdy 3D printer. We recommend it to anyone looking for an entry level machine that will last them years into the future. QIDI clearly spent a lot of time thinking about the end user and even more time on the end result. Prints look great and stick flawlessly to the aluminum alloy build plate. We wish the design was more refined, and that the awesome touchscreen display was positioned higher, but overall this 3D printer is a great investment.

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