Creality CR-10 Max Review

8.5 Excellent

Massive. Huge. Enormous. These are just a few words that describe the sizable Creality CR-10 Max. If you’ve always wanted a bigger printer with more volume, the CR-10 Max caters to you. Is this printer a dream come true or just a very large paperweight? Find out today in our Creality CR-10 Max review.

In-Depth Creality CR-10 Max Review

Creality CR-10 Max Review Basics

Let’s start with the obvious. The CR-10 Max’s incredibly large build volume measures 17.7” x 17.7” x 18.5”. We don’t need to mention that this is over twice the volume of the average consumer 3D printer. That’s the major selling point of the CR-10 Max and if that collosal build volume doesn’t interest you, no need to keep reading.

The heated aluminum print bed that comes with the printer clips in easily, making it simple to remove the bed at the end of a print for safer removal of your model. Print with filaments of all kinds thanks to an all-metal hotend and superior extrusion. Compatible filaments include the basics ABS and PLA, flexible filaments like TPU and PETG, as well as exotics.

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There’s some assembly acquired before you get started. This mostly involves installing a few screws and plugging in electrical connections. It may take some time but isn’t difficult. From there, connectivity options are fairly limited. Choose from a microSD card or wired computer connection via miniUSB. Use the large color touch screen to interface with the CR-10 Max, choose your files, and prepare prints.

Creality CR-10 Max Review Pros

Solid Construction

Featuring a hefty aluminum frame with a dual lead-screw design, the CR-10 Max provides a stable platform for even the biggest projects. This 3D printer also features automatic bed leveling which is highly precise. Since you can easily remove the build plate, too, you run less risk of ruining the leveling when you remove a finished model. Overall the design is sturdy and tight, just what you want from a 3D printer.

Print Quality

Print quality is sometimes an issue with large-volume 3D printers. Large prints exhibit ghosting, ringing, visible layering from poor layer adhesion, warping around the base, and other issues. Amazingly, the CR-10 Max manages to produce near-flawless results, even when pushing the limits of its volume. Print quality remains consistent from the beginning to the end of the print with smooth edges, great overhang tolerance, and perfectly flat bases.

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Impressive Build Volume

We’ve said it before but it bares repeating: the CR-10 Max features an extra-large build volume that borders on too large. You won’t find many other 3D printers with this much build volume and even fewer at this price. If you feel restricted by your current, smaller printers, or have always wanted to print large-scale projects, the CR-10 Max won’t disappoint.

Creality CR-10 Max Review Cons

Sheer Enormity

This may seem obvious, but the Creality CR-10 Max takes up a lot of space. How much space? This 3D printer measures 25.5” x 31” x 29” and gets larger when you add filament. The print bed also moves back and forth, adding another few inches of accommodation. Just make sure you have a large, stable surface for this printer and can account for the filament and bed movement. This is not your average desktop 3D printer.

To be fair, this isn’t the CR-10 Max’s fault so much as a reality of the concept. The CR-10 Max’s makes sense when compared to other large printers like the Monoprice Delta Pro, which has almost half the print volume yet measures 37.5” x 20.8” x 20.8”.

Creality CR-10 Max Review Verdict

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Creality made something pretty special with this 3D printer. Compared to its competition in the “large build volume” niche, the CR-10 Max is affordable, provides consistent results, is easy to build and modify, and comes with great features like auto leveling. And while this printer is obviously geared toward more experienced users, new makers should also have no problem diving in with the CR-10 Max.

The only points to take off here are for practicality and limited connectivity options. For $1,000 we expect better and more connectivity options but this is a small issue. Otherwise, the CR-10 Max is a terrific machine for the price.


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