Anycubic 4Max Pro Review

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Anycubic have recently upped their game from bare-bones printers like the i3 Mega to now the fully enclosed, touchscreen enabled 4Max Pro. We take a closer look at their new offering in today’s Anycubic 4Max Pro review. Should Anycubic stick to budget designs or do they show potential with this advanced machine?

In-Depth Anycubic 4Max Pro Review

Anycubic 4Max Pro Review Basics

Anycubic’s line of 3D printers is usually geared toward a mechanically advanced crowd. The 3Max Pro is a welcome change, coming to you 90% assembled and ready to print within the hour. Simply install the spool holder and filament sensor, level the print bed, and load up the included SD card. Operating the 4Max Pro is made easy via a large, color touch screen. Not only is the touch screen responsive and intuitive to use, we love that it’s located on the top of the machine. This is a small detail most printers get wrong.

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From there you have a lot of options. Use whatever slicing software you like to prepare files and print in resolutions from 50 to 300 microns. You may also choose from a wide variety of filaments. An upgraded short-drive extruder allows for precise printing of flexible filaments like TPU and PETG in addition to ABS, PLA, or even exotic filaments up to 260C.

The Anycubic 4Max goes on to offer a generous print area measuring 10.6” x 8” x 8”. This is larger than most other printers in this price range. Finally, this printer offers both USB and SD card connectivity, though notably not WiFi.

Anycubic 4Max Pro Review Pros

Quiet Operation

Many 3D printers are too loud to run in an occupied room. As such, they’re often relegated to the garage or basement. The Anycubic 4Max Pro, on the other hand, is actually quiet enough to run almost anywhere. The enclosed design not only makes for quieter operation but also reduces the unpleasant odor of filaments like ABS. These features make the 4Max Pro ideal for educators and those with children or animals. It’s also great if you have limited space and need to keep the printer in a busy room.

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Ultrabase Printing Platform

We’ve said it before about other Anycubic 3D printers and the 4Max Pro is no exception. This printer comes with Anycubic’s Ultrabase printing platform, which is a huge quality of life upgrade. As opposed to simple aluminum or glass build plates, the Ultrabase features superior adhesion with all filament. That means fewer failed prints and more peace of mind, not to mention less time and money spent getting your models to stick.

In addition to making your prints stick better, the Ultrabase also makes removing your models easier once cooled. Truly, the Ultrabase is one of Anycubic’s best inventions.

User-Friendly Operation

Perhaps the 4Max Pro’s greatest asset is its user-friendly operation Even someone with no previous experience will be printing within the hour with this 3D printer. Use the software that works for you, and enjoy the touch screen interface which is easy to use and displays all relevant stats during a print. You’re kept informed from the first layer to the last, where the 4Max Pro is programmed to automatically shut down. Of course, there’s also blackout protection which protects prints in case of a power outage. When power is restored, your print resumes where it left off.

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The only thing missing from the 4Max Pro’s list of user-friendly features is auto-leveling. Instead, there’s an assisted leveling mode available through the touch screen.

Anycubic 4Max Pro Review Cons

Lacking Some Convenience Features

The Anycubic 4Max Pro sells itself as a modern 3D printer for the average home or educational setting. For the most part, it is. There are a couple missing features, however, that keep it from attaining perfection. Namely, a lack of WiFi connectivity and automatic bed leveling. Bed leveling is universally the most annoying part of 3D printing, and automatic leveling goes a long way toward customer experience. WiFi connectivity isn’t exactly necessary, but these days many of the 4Max Pro’s competitors offer it.

Anycubic 4Max Pro Review Verdict

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It’s a good sign that we had to nitpick to determine realistic flaws with this machine. The Anycubic 4Max Pro is a rare 3D printer we recommend equally for both beginners and experienced users. Experienced users will love the software freedom, large build space, and filament variety, while new users will appreciate how easy it is to learn with the 4Max Pro.

This printer is also pretty affordable considering all that it does. We’re proud of Anycubic for going out of their comfort zone and filling the niche for a (relatively) cheap, user-friendly printer with so many filament options and such precise printing. Printers like this usually cost hundreds more, making the 4Max Pro a great value in addition to everything else.


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