Anycubic MEGA X Review

8.3 Great

Bigger is almost always better when it comes to 3D printing. At least, that’s the idea behind Anycubic’s MEGA X. This machine is essentially a much larger version of the popular Anycubic i3 Mega, but does it live up to its legacy? Find out if Anycubic have another hit on their hands in this MEGA X 3d printer review.

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Anycubic MEGA X Review Basics

This printer’s major selling point is its enormous build volume which measures 11.8” W x 11.8” D x 12” H. That’s right – the MEGA X gives you about a cubic foot of print volume. That’s about four inches more in every direction than the Anycubic i3 Mega or Mega S.

From there, the MEGA X allows users to print in a good variety of filaments including ABS, PLA, TPU, and PETG. As we’ve come to expect from the Anycubic lineup, the MEGA X also comes complete with a heated Ultrabase print bed which makes adhering and removing your models a breeze. We really love this print bed coating and so do most customers. No matter what filament you print with, the Ultrabase makes things simple. We were also impressed with how well the print bed maintained temperature despite its larger size.

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The MEGA X achieves resolutions between 50- and 300-microns, resulting in above-average print results with the right settings. Anycubic sends Cura out with this machine, which includes a MEGA X profile. For those who want to push the limits of this printer, the MEGA X can also be easily upgraded with new components and printable mods.

Anycubic MEGA X Review Pros

Great Value

Big printers aren’t usually cheap, but the Anycubic MEGA X remains affordable and packed full of value. Just take, for example, the value of the included accessory bundle. You get various tools like tweezers and pliers, a full 2.2kg spool of filament, a backup hotend, and even a 3-ft USB cable for wired connection. The printer itself is also made of heavy aluminum and construction quality feels built to last. Finally, it includes many convenience features customers have come to expect like filament detection and resume print functions, as well as a snappy touch screen interface. Overall, the MEGA X is an absolute bargain for what it brings to the table.

Almost Perfect Design

To get the best results when 3D printing, the machine itself must be solid. You want all your axis to be stable and for the frame to be tight and secure. The Anycubic MEGA X excels in this area. The frame feels sturdy and solid with no wiggling or uneven parts. Additionally, the Y and Z axis have been reinforced with dual-rod designs which greatly improve the stability of the print bed and extruder. This is a smart move from Anycubic, especially with such a large printer. Even the heavy print bed and large models won’t alter the precision of this printer.

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Of course, nothing is perfect. Like many other metal print beds, the MEGA X’s is prone to warping over time. The spool holder is also in an awkward position, requiring filament to go up, over, and down into the extruder. We would have preferred to see a top-loaded filament holder for this model, but these are small details which can be overlooked.

Excellent Customer Support

Anycubic’s customer service is almost too good. They are fiercely dedicated to customer satisfaction and aftercare. Should you need troubleshooting assistance, replacement parts, or if you have questions or complaints, the Anycubic team are standing by with a fast response. Most customers hear back within 24-hours after sending an email to Anycubic support.

Anycubic MEGA X Review Cons

Not Ideal for Flexible Filaments

While the MEGA X is capable of printing with the likes of TPU or PETG filament, this isn’t the printer’s strong point. The bowden extruder, coupled with the awkward placement of the filament holder, mean that that MEGA X has trouble especially with fast retraction. The result is that your models may suffer some stringing and blobby imperfections, especially when printing back and forth between small points. We suggest beginners stick to PLA and ABS until they’re ready to experiment with advanced slicing settings.

Anycubic MEGA X Review Verdict

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We once considered Anycubic in direct competition with Creality for large, cheap printers with a wide customer base of both beginners and experts. Nowadays, it seems like Anycubic is only in competition with itself. The MEGA X is a fine addition to the Anycubic Mega line, offering fans of the i3 Mega and Mega S a larger build volume with all of the same dependability, precision and value you’ve come to expect from the brand. If you need a large, tanky workhorse for models of all sizes, the MEGA X is a great choice.


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