Rostock MAX v2 3D Printer Review


Rostock MAX v2 3D Printer Review

7.2 Very Good

Why order a pre-built 3D printer when you can make your own? 3D printing kits are more popular than ever, and today in this Rostock Max v2 3D printer review, we look at one of the most well-received, affordable, and powerful DIY options. Keep reading to see if the Rostock MAX V2 should be your next project.
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  • Printing Speed 7.5
  • Build Size 9.6
  • Precision 6.0
  • Value 6.0
  • Design 7.0
  • User Experience 7.0

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Rostock MAX v2 3D Printer Review Basics

As mentioned, the Rostock MAX v2 comes as a kit, taking about 20-30 hours to build from scratch. Once finished, this Delta 3D printer has an incredible build area of 10.5” diameter by 14.75” in height. The cylindrical body of this printer comes to a total of an 18” diameter and is 48” tall fully constructed, weighing 25lbs. Printing speed is standard at 30-60mm/s using a typical .5mm nozzle, and the nozzle is easily interchangeable. Interestingly, this printer has opposite specs of most printers, with a minimum XY resolution of 100 microns and a Z resolution of 12.5 microns.

Rostock Max v2 3D Printer Review - To Buy A 3D Printer

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Finally, the Rostock MAX V2 is compatible with a large range of 1.75mm filaments, capable of a maximum temperature of 247C and moddable minimum temperature starting at 150C. Be aware that these specs are stock, and are meant to be modded to your specific desires.

Rostock MAX v2 3D Printer Review Pros

Highly Moddable

Although this printer works very well with the included parts, it’s designed to allow you to modify it to your liking. Common mods include adding stepper dampeners (as the MAX V2 is quite loud without them), upgraded belt tensioners, dual extruders, better cooling fans, and so much more. The online community is a superb and active resource for curious tinkerers and those who like to experiment with upgrades. 

Huge Build Area

If you have some truly behemoth printing jobs in mind, the MAX V2 offers almost 1,300 cubic inches of build area. As a Delta printer, the heated printing bed is circular, and once calibrated it should be firmly in place through hundreds or thousands of hours of printing. You won’t find a larger printing area for the price of this machine.

Rostock MAX v2 print area 

Rostock MAX v2 3D Printer Review Cons

Poor Print Bed PSU

One of the first upgrades many serious 3D printer users make with the MAX v2 is to the power supply. The kit comes with a 12V MicroATX Chiefmax 450W, and can fail to heat the printing bed to optimum temperatures at reasonable speeds. It’s usually upgraded to a 2750 W power supply for quicker and more reliable results. Seasonic 750W Power Supply

Seasonic 750W Modular Power Supply

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Corsair 750W Modular Power Supply

Corsair 750W Modular Power Supply

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Basic Hot End

Another common upgrade is to the stock hot end. While this hot end will be perfect for beginners with a max temperature of 245C, let’s be honest, you’re not buying a massive DIY 3D printer kit because this is your first rodeo. Most users upgrade to the E3D-V6 extruder for more filament freedom. 

E3D V6 extruder

E3D All-metal v6 HotEnd

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Rostock MAX v2 3D Printer Review Verdict

If you love to tinker, upgrade, and customize your gadgets, the Rostock MAX V2 was made with you in mind. The stock machine takes patience to build, but the end result is exceptional and the sense of achievement is only magnified by the impressive size of this printer. Coupled with a huge printing area, affordable price, and SD card wireless functionality, we can’t recommend this printer enough to DIY junkies and experienced 3D printing fans alike.  

Black Rostock MAX v2

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