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Today we look at the highly anticipated QIDI TECHNOLOGY X-one2. Does this printer live up to its predecessor's reputation for superior stability and reliability? Keep reading to find out if this budget 3D printer is for you.

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  • Printing Speed 7.5
  • Build Size 6
  • Precision 7
  • Value 9
  • Design 7
  • User Experience 8.5


The relatively large size of this 3D printer stands in stark contrast to its actual build volume, which measures a disappointing 5.5”x5.5”x5.5”. That’s compared to the X-one2’s overall dimensions, measuring 15”x12.5”x14” and weighing over 40lbs. All that weight makes the X-one2 sturdy, though, providing a better environment for your prints. This is one reason the X-one2 prints so well with just 100-micron accuracy. Print speeds reach a max of 150mm/s, though more realistic speeds are around 50mm/s.qidi tech x-one2 review, x-one2, 3d printer review

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Like the X-one2’s hefty frame, the heated build plate is made from high-quality aluminum. This build plate quickly reaches temperatures up to 110°C, which is perfect for use with ABS. This machine offers a standard variety of filament compatibility, including ABS, PLA, and TPU. Connecting to the X-one2 is easy enough through SD card or USB connection, and you interact with the machine via an attractive touchscreen.

QIDI TECHNOLOGY X-one2 Review Pros

Great Overall Value

QIDI may be terrible at naming their products, but we trust this brand when it comes to building a 3D printer. That’s because QIDI faithfully produces affordable printers that work and last long after other cheap 3D printers have failed. The X-one2 is just the next in a long line of well-made 3D printers from this company that share a solid metal frame and thoughtful construction.

What that means for you is that you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time printing. Additionally, the prints you make will have consistent quality. That’s rare enough at this price point, but the QIDI TECH X-one2 also provides good filament compatability, a heated print bed, and acrylic enclosures.

Easy to Use for Beginners

It’s a testament that this 3D printer is so easy to use despite the included broken English instructions that QIDI is known for. The X-one2 comes near fully assembled and you can have this printer up and running within the hour after opening it. The touchscreen interface is easy to use, the included SD card includes test prints to get you started, and the QIDI TECH X-one2 is open source, meaning you can use any slicer program you like. The included QIDI Print software gets our stamp of approval for beginners, too.

QIDI TECHNOLOGY X-one2 Review Cons

Small Build Volume

It’s disappointing that the next evolution in the QIDI X series doesn’t include a larger build volume. At 5.5”x5.5”x5.5”, the X-one2 almost falls into mini 3D printer territory. While that’s plenty of print volume for common projects like printing game miniatures or small household items, it is certainly a limitation.

Design Flaws

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Rugged construction aside, the QIDI TECH X-one2 suffers some serious design flaws. First on our list is that filament and the power switch are both located behind the printer. This wouldn’t be such a big deal except that this 3D printer is 40lbs! USB and SD card ports are thankfully on the side of the machine, but we would have preferred them up front. Additionally, there’s no way to easily remove the build plate and the front opening is relatively small. This makes it awkward to remove your finished product, especially when one hand is holding up the acrylic door.

QIDI TECHNOLOGY X-one2 Review Verdict

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It’s not the best 3D printer in the world, but you’d be pressed to find a better value among other sub-$300 3D printers. The X-one2’s rugged construction benefits both its print quality and overall longevity. This printer is also easy to use straight out of the box. With ABS, PLA, and TPU compatibility, this 3D printer even offers room for beginners to grow and experiment with new filaments. While it’s disappointing that X-one2 suffers from the same flaws as its predecessor, this model still represents one of the best values in 3D printing today.


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