QIDI TECH S-Box Review

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At this point, QIDI are no strangers to the LCD printer game. With the Shadow 5.5 and Shadow 6 Pro under their belts, the company now present their biggest LCD printer yet, the S-Box. Have QIDI bitten off more than they can chew or will the S-Box fit right in with their other successful models? Find out in today’s QIDI TECH S-Box review.

In-Depth QIDI TECH S-Box 3D Printer Review

QIDI TECH S-Box Review Basics

Right away, the major selling point of the S-Box is its large print volume. Most consumer-grade LCD printers today, like the ELEGOO Mars or Anycubic Photon, have very small build platforms. That’s because they all, including the S-Box, use a 2K-resolution LCD screen. Just like on a TV screen, the bigger the screen, the more spread out the pixels and the less definition. That means you’ll usually get better definition on a smaller screen, just as is the case with LCD printers.

So, you might wonder if the S-Box’s relatively large 8.4”L x 5.1”W x 7.8”H build volume has worse print quality than smaller printers. Remarkably, the QIDI team designed this printer with the same or even better precision as smaller machines. At peak performance, the S-Box achieves Z-axis print resolutions as tiny as a single micron and XY-axis up to 40-microns small. Of course you aren’t likely to print in such tiny resolutions, but it gives you an idea of the insane accuracy the S-Box can achieve.

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Under the hood, the QIDI TECH S-Box uses aluminum parts for the guide rails, resin vat, and leveling structure. Everything feels heavy, sturdy, and built to last. The exterior of the machine is plastic and quite large, with the outer dimensions of S-Box measuring about 22.2”L x 14.3”W x 19.2”H.

Finally, the S-Box is compatible with the ever-popular Chitubox slicer, among others, and provides a color touch-screen interface. You’ll connect via USB stick, though disappointingly the S-Box doesn’t include WiFi access.

QIDI TECH S-Box Review Pros

High Precision, Large Volume

A lot of features go into the S-Box’s incredible precision, even with such a large volume and 2K LCD. To start, this LCD screen quality does matter and not all screens are created equally. The S-Box uses a quality screen from Taiwan AUO, which is a leading company in the research and development of displays. Next, the S-Box uses a matrix LED array with 96 individual points of UV light. This broad, powerful, and evenly distributed lighting array makes for powerful, precise curing during printing.

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Finally, this model uses a “smart chip” for the Z-axis motor. This chip is what allows for such incredible precision (a single micron!) along the Z-axis. This, along with the heavy-duty dual-guide rails and sturdy all-metal interior, make for a super quiet, stable print environment. Combine all these elements with the excellent slicing profile found on Chitubox and even beginners can create flawless masterpieces with this LCD printer.


QIDI TECH is a company who believes strongly in their products. They make every model with great attention to detail and with a large focus on customer experience. To this point, their customer service is legendary for its prompt responses and eagerness to find solutions. If you have a problem with your machine, whether it be with shipping or troubleshooting, QIDI are quick to correct their mistakes. While their responses aren’t always in the most perfect English, rest assured that this company will work with you through thick and thin.

QIDI TECH S-Box Review Cons

Big and Heavy

The QIDI TECH S-Box weighs an astonishing 55lbs and measures almost two feet long and over a foot and a half high. That’s really big! While most smaller LCD printers keep the touchscreen electronics and connectivity ports located underneath the LCD screen. Instead, the S-Box uses an entire side of the machine to store such “vitals”. The result is a neater and safer design at the expense of your desk space.

QIDI TECH S-Box Review Verdict

QIDI TECH S Box Resin 3D Printer UV LCD Printer, 10.1 inch 2K LCD, 4.3 inch  Touch Screen, 215x130x200mm/8.46"x5.11"x7.87"|3D Printers| - AliExpress

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From every perspective, from construction quality to print precision to price, the QIDI TECH S-Box is an excellent choice. The only real downside to this machine is its bulky size. It’s big and heavy, though not loud. This printer also includes some carbon-filters to help reduce resin odor. While it’s not disruptive, do be sure to make space for this behemoth. Size aside, this is a plug-and-play solution for users of all experience levels. If you want a more substantial LCD printer with almost twice the print volume of printers like the Anycubic Photon, you can’t go wrong with the QIDI TECH S-Box.


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