Longer Orange 10 SLA Review

7.8 Good

3D printers from Kickstarter have a bumpy track record. Does the Longer Orange 10 break the mold or is it just another pipedream? Find out in today’s Longer Orange 10 review.

In-Depth Longer Orange 10 SLA Review

Longer Orange 10 SLA Review Basics

Unlike its bigger brother, the Orange 30, the Longer Orange 10 is a modest machine priced to sell. For less than $300, this SLA printer offers a small 3.8″ x 2.1″ x 5.5″ build volume. This is slightly smaller but comparable to other budget 3D printers like the Sparkmaker or the MP Mini SLA.

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The Orange 10 achieves print precision within 20 microns using an 854×489 pixel LCD masking screen. That’s a bit low, but solid metal construction and strong, even curing produce excellent models. Connect via miniSD and interface with the Longer 10 through a responsive 2.8″ touchscreen.

Longer Orange 10 Review Pros

Solid Metal Construction

The Longer Orange 10’s sturdy metal body and hardware are a welcome sight after other budget SLA printers like the ELEGOO Mars or the Monoprice Mini SLA. Everything beneath the Orange 10’s orange acrylic top is made of metal, including the vat and build plate. Obviously, these metal parts last longer and provide better overall stability while printing. Despite its solid construction, the Orange 10 weighs around 10lbs and is easy for anyone to move or set up.

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Attentive Customer Support

Longer remind us a lot of the 3D printing company QIDI TECH. Both Chinese companies produce “honest” products, meaning they meet their claims and maintain excellent quality control, all at competitive prices. Another thing both companies have in common is fast, attentive customer service. No matter your issue with the Orange 10, Longer are there to help with everything from troubleshooting to ordering replacement parts. Staff are both knowledgeable and eager to find solutions https://indegenerique.be/.

The only downside to Longer’s (and QIDI’s) customer support is that communication is hampered by poor translation. These companies are based in China and try their best to communicate effectively with their English-speaking customers. Unfortunately, their customer support and even their product documentation is often riddled with errors. This is definitely unprofessional, but at the end of the day, they stand behind their customers and that’s commendable.

Longer Orange 10 SLA Review Cons

Relatively Low Print Resolution

The Orange 10’s low-resolution LCD screen is the most notable issue with this printer. Even the Monoprice SLA Mini, which arguably a worse machine, comes with a 2k LCD screen and more powerful LED array, meaning faster prints. What gives?

We can’t be sure, but it seems to us that Longer spent more on the R&D and quality control of this model than on the most modern hardware. It is a budget SLA printer, so something had to give. Print results are still good, however show some artifacts, small imperfections, and visible layering with round shapes. Ultimately, would you rather have a sturdier machine with worse resolution or a flimsy, unstable machine that produces smoother models?

Longer Orange 10 SLA Review Verdict

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Although the Orange 10 falls a bit short in the precision department, it more than makes up for the inconvenience. We like the design, solid construction, and details like the touch screen and user-friendly software. It’s priced to sell and backed by friendly customer service, too. Finally, we appreciate that this printer comes from a successful Kickstarter campaign that has so far delivered on its promises, which can be rare in the tech field.

Other budget SLA printers like the Monoprice Mini SLA and the Sparkmaster High Resolution 3D Printer may offer higher resolutions but at what cost? Those machines are cheaply made and lack quality control. You spend more time tinkering and contacting customer service than actually printing. That’s why we recommend the Longer Orange 10 as one of the best budget SLA printers today.


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