Longer Cube 2 Review

6.5 Needs Work

Are you a beginner looking for a cheap, simple 3D printer to start with? Or maybe you want a safe 3D printer to use with your kids at home or school. The Longer Cube 2 certainly seems appealing, but is it worth your investment? Find out if this is the right 3D printer for you in today’s Longer Cube 2 review.

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In-depth Longer Cube 2 3D Printer Review

Longer Cube 2 Review Basics

As a mini 3D printer, the Longer Cube 2 features a relatively small build volume measuring 4.7” x 5.5” x 4.1”. If you’re unsure, take some measurements before buying to see if your projects will fit in the space. Kids and curious hobbyists should find this volume sufficient, though.

In the name of safety, the Longer Cube 2 prints only in PLA and does not feature a heated print bed. Still, be sure to keep an eye on young children when using this printer since the heated print nozzle is still exposed. It should be pretty safe but supervision is required for kids under 10.

Longer Cube 2 review

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Print resolution ranges from 100-400 microns, which doesn’t produce the smoothest prints but should be fine for printing toys and figures. To connect to your machine, the Longer Cube 2 provides both USB cable and SD card ports for uploading your models. Once you connect, the Cube 2 uses a large, colorful touchscreen to help you begin printing.

Longer Cube 2 Review Pros

Safety First

Designed for children and beginners, this 3D printer’s top priorities are safety and easy operation. Longer accomplished both goals with the Cube 2. Although limited to PLA filament, PLA is a bioplastic that emits no noxious fumes and biodegrades easily. It also melts at lower temperatures than other filaments. Lastly, it doesn’t require a heated print bed. That means fewer heated components that may pose a threat to children.

Longer Cube 2 review

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We also like the semi-enclosed design, which allows you to see your models while reducing open space where a child could reach inside. Once a model is done, the print bed is removable, too, so kids don’t have to reach around the nozzle to get their model. This is a smart and attractive design that both children and adults can use with ease.

Extremely Affordable

This 3D printer regularly goes on sale for under $150, making it one of the cheapest printers on the market. Affordable on every budget, this is a great price for parents who want a educational toy for their children or for hobbiests who want to dip their toes.

Longer Cube 2 Review Cons

Ease of Use

For such a simple machine, the Cube 2 isn’t very intuitive to use. The instructions are pretty vague, to start. You’ll also have to experiment with everything from leveling the print bed to feeding filament. To make matters even trickier, the touchscreen sometimes requires extra force or double taps to register your requests. If you want a printer to just work out of the box, the Cube 2 may not be the 3D printer for you.

Longer Cube 2 Review Verdict

Longer Cube 2 review

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We appreciate what Longer were trying to do here. This printer is extremely affordable and aims to bring safe, simple 3D printing into a family home. Unfortunately, they failed at the most important part of making a beginner-friendly printer. It may come assembled, but getting this printer up and running can be quite a chore. Longer customer service doesn’t have a great reputation, either, and there’s not too much help online.

Honestly. We suggest another printer like the Monoprice Select Mini or the Da Vinci Nano for other cheap beginner-friendly options.


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