Flashforge Dreamer NX Review

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Flashforge have a reputation for user-friendly 3D printers that make 3D printing as painless as possible. With that in mind, the Flashforge Dreamer NX appears to follow suit, touting a ton of high-tech features to make your life easier while keeping all the hardware tidy and enclosed. Does it make the grade, though? How does it compete with other printers in the sub-$500 price category? Find out in today’s Flashforge Dreamer NX review.

Flashforge Dreamer NX Review Basics

The Dreamer NX starts with a modest build volume measuring 9” x 5.9” x 5.5”. That’s a bit above average, though the printer itself is much larger, measuring 19” x 13.5” x 20.8”. Keep this in mind when planning desk space for this machine.

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This printer achieves layers as small as 50-microns and prints at speeds as high as 200mm/s. This gives you the freedom to make finely detailed pieces, quick test prints, or anything in between. Choose from a variety of filaments, too, including PLA, ABS, TPU, and PETG. Connectivity options are equally broad, allowing you to choose from cabled USB, WiFi, and SD card.

Flashforge Dreamer NX Review Pros

Excellent Print Results

Achieving high precision prints involves a lot of factors. Print resolution must be high, the extruder must be accurate, temperature control is imperative, and setting a good foundation is key. The Dreamer NX excels in each of these areas, allowing you to make high-quality models right out of the box.

To start, the Dreamer NX goes down to 50-micron layer resolution. That’s twice as small as most 3D printers that only achieve 100-micron layers. Next, this printer uses a dependable extruder for smooth, even filament extrusion no matter what plastic you use. Importantly, this extruder setup is capable of printing flawlessly with flexible filaments like TPU and PETG as well.

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Finally, temperature control within this unit is exceptional. The heated print bed is quick to warm up and provides even heat distribution across the entire platform. Meanwhile, the extruder itself has a patented fan system that keeps filament at the right temperature as it prints, leading to fewer blemishes and a smoother finish. There’s even live temperature monitoring within the enclosed build space. If your print environment gets too hot, fans automatically start circulating fresh air into the system. All these factors combine for highly detailed models with less tinkering from the user.

Good Customer Service

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Flashforge are a long-standing brand within the 3D printer market. Part of their success comes from excellent customer service. Although their responses may contain some broken English, the company is quick to respond to tickets and they don’t give customers a hard time about repairs or replacements. If you plan to purchase the Dreamer NX, rest assured that Flashforge is no fly-by-night company. Additionally, the Dreamer NX includes a 1-year warranty for peace of mind.

Flashforge Dreamer NX Review Cons

Missing Features

We’re shocked to see that the Dreamer NX, for all its smart design and quality craftsmanship, does not include some very simple quality-of-life features. For example, the Dreamer NX will not automatically pause printing if your filament runs out, meaning your project is ruined if this happens. There’s not automatic bed leveling, either, which can be a pain considering that this is a fully enclosed printer. The WiFi connection also isn’t the best, so although it is technically a feature of this machine, we recommend using a USB or SD card connection instead.

Flashforge Dreamer NX Review Verdict

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This is a solid 3D printer for beginners and experienced users alike. With all the filament options most people need, high-quality prints, and friendly customer service, what more can you ask for at this price point? To boot, the Dreamer NX is an attractive machine with a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it feel like a proper modern appliance.

Nothing is perfect, not even the Dreamer NX, but we can forgive this printer’s shortcomings. Flashforge dropped the ball on filament detection and bed leveling, but those features may have cut into the Dreamer NX’s affordable price point. It may not be the biggest 3D printer under $500, but the print results and ease-of-use make up for an average build volume. We haven’t loved everything out of Flashforge lately, but the Dreamer NX is a step back in the right direction for this company.


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