EPAX X1 UV LCD 3D Printer Review


EPAX X1 UV LCD 3D In-Depth Printer Review

Designed specifically to out-perform the Anycubic Photon, the EPAX X1 certainly shows promise. Does it live up to its own hype, though? We look at this printer from every angle in today’s EPAX X1 UV LCD 3D Printer review.

EPAX X1 UV LCD 3D Printer Review Basics

Right out of the box, the EPAX X1 feels like a hearty machine with just enough heft to be reassuring without being impossible to move. The EPAX X1 owes its healthy weight in part to the steel chassis, which feels reassuringly sturdy compared to the fiberglass or plastic alternatives.

More Details ❯

This printer uses LCD masking with 2k, 1440p high-definition resolution. The LCD lights in this machine are quite powerful, numbering 50 in total and rated at 40W. These bright, powerful LCDs cure resin more quickly than other printers, requiring as little as 6 seconds per layer. However, like most consumer-grade SLA printers, the EPAX X-1 has a limited print volume measuring 4.5”L x 2.5”W x 6.1”D. Since the majority of customers choose SLA for making miniatures, jewelry, dental models, and similarly small items, the EPAX X1’s build space suffices. If you’re coming from FDM printers, however, be sure you understand the print volume.

The EPAX X1 features offline USB connectivity, after which you interface with the printer via its 3.5” color touch screen. Use ChiTu software to prepare your files before printing.

EPAX X1 UV LCD 3D Printer Review Pros

Excellent Design

There are a lot of thoughtful aspects that prove the design team at EPAX really care about this machine. To start, opening the printer is easy with the clam-shell lid which fits comfortably on top of the printer when raised. This allows you to put the printer up against the wall. Opening the lid grants access to the inside from a wide angle that makes retrieving your model and performing regular maintenance easy.

Great Features

While the EPAX X1 has many great features, two really stand out to us. First is the non-FEP film sent along with the printer and available for repurchase from EPAX. Far from a mere upsell, this non-FEP film is truly superior to FEP film, which has a tendency to stick to the screen, become cloudy over time, and even rip. The non-FEP film is much more resilient and provides a harder, smoother surface that doesn’t stick to the screen below, which may cause small imperfections in your print.

Anti-aliasing mode is our other favorite feature. Just like it works with your computer graphics, anti-aliasing uses predictive programming to smooth out blocky pixels and low-resolution images. Basically, anti-aliasing enables this machine to produce results you’d expect from a printer with 4k resolution. These models look injection molded!

More Details ❯

User-Friendly Set Up

Featuring a pre-leveled print platform, this fully-assembled 3D printer literally comes to your house ready-to-print. Of course, it’s smart to read the instructions and maybe watch a couple tutorial videos before getting started, but on the whole, the EPAX X1 makes getting started with SLA as painless as possible.

EPAX X1 UV LCD 3D Printer Review Cons

Short Warranties

The EPAX X1 comes with a 1-year warranty… except for the film, resin, and most importantly, the LCD masking screen. These three components have only a 3-month warranty. That makes sense for the film and resin, but putting such a limit on the masking screen is disappointing. Luckily, EPAX are known for their quick, helpful customer service should you need them. Still, we’d like to see a better warranty if EPAX really stand behind their product.

EPAX X1 UV LCD 3D Printer Review Verdict

More Details ❯

It’s a rare and good day when we struggle to find something wrong with a 3D printer. Today is one of those days. It’s difficult to fault the EPAX X1 considering its competition. In fact, the EPAX X1 may even be ahead of its time. This SLA printer frankly has all the specs you probably want, coupled with awesome customer service and robust construction that will likely last for years. Did we mention it’s under $500? Poor warranties are easily forgiven in light of these pros. We highly recommend the EPAX X1 for veterans and beginners alike who want a cheap SLA printer that looks, feels, and performs like a much more expensive model.


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