Creality CR-10S S5 3D Printer Review

8.2 Awesome

The Creality CR-10S S5 is both much larger and much more expensive than other printers in the CR-10 series, so does it live up to your undoubtedly high expectations? Today's Creality CR-10S S5 review uncovers the strengths and weaknesses of this printer so you can make the final decision.

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  • Printing Speed 7.5
  • Build Size 10
  • Precision 8.5
  • Value 8
  • Design 7
  • Customer Experience 8

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Creality CR-10S S5 3D Printer Review Basics

The CR-10 series of 3D printers all have large build areas, usually around 300mm³. The CR-10S S5 instead uses an incredible 500mm³ (20in³) build area, eclipsing the other printers in its series. The broad, heated glass print bed is a good foundation for printing models in a variety of filaments, including PLA, ABS, Carbon Fiber, Wood, PETG, and many more.

Even though this 3D printer has such a large build area, models printed faster than we expected. The CR-10S S5 prints quickly at around 20-80mm/s for high quality prints, all the way up to a blazing 230mm/s maximum. Layer resolution is also fully adjustable between .01-.4mm. These wide ranging settings give you plenty of print options, allowing you prioritize speed, quality, or both. The CR-10S S5 uses USB and SD card connectivity.

Creality CR-10S S5 3D Printer Review Pros

Enormous Build Area

It’s difficult to get a sense of how large the CR-10S S5 is without seeing it in person. The 20in³ build area equals out to a jaw-dropping 8,000 cubic inches. At that size, what can’t you print with this machine? From simple figurines to large-scale commercial prototypes, this 3D printer accommodates your biggest projects.

In fact, be sure you actually need the CR-10S S5’s massive build area before purchasing. If you can live with something a bit smaller, check out this printer’s little brother, the CR-10.

Exceptional Print Quality

We were worried that print quality would suffer when printing large models due to the sheer height of this 3D printer. The larger a model, the more opportunity there is for something to go wrong, after all. To our surprise, print consistency remained excellent from top to bottom, even in the tallest models we tested.

Higher resolutions leave visible layering, but the CR-10S S5 showed no signs of layer shifting at any height. This is clear evidence that the CR-10S S5 has solid construction quality, and that the dual Z-axis lead rods manage to keep the gantries steady throughout 50+ hour prints. At lower resolutions, layers are barely visible and fine details can be achieved flawlessly.

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Creality CR-10S S5 3D Printer Review Cons

Printer Size

The CR-10S S5’s size is both a blessing and a curse. Sure, the print bed is huge, but so is the rest of the printer. Towering at 27x31x28-inches and weighing 44lbs, this 3D printer commands a lot of real estate. Due to the print bed’s exceptional size, it also takes longer to warm up compared to smaller printers. All this reiterates our earlier point that you should only consider the CR-10S S5 if you plan to take advantage of the extensive print area.

Creality CR-10S S5 3D Printer Review Verdict

This is a great 3D printer no matter how you look at it. It’s easy to assemble, prints accurately and consistently, and gives you plenty of filament options to explore, all at a reasonable price. Of course, the CR-10S S5 also boasts one of the largest consumer print areas around. The only downside is that this giant 3D printer takes up a lot of space, and most people won’t need its massive build size. If you already know that you need a super-sized print area, though, the CR-10S S5 is one of your best options.

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