Artillery Sidewinder X1 Review

8.0 Good

This stylish printer catches your eye with it's attractive design and enticing pricetag. Not much is known about the brand Artillery, though, so can their printers be trusted? Today's Sidewinder X1 review takes an in-depth look at the pros and cons of this machine.

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Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D Printer Review

Artillery Sidewinder X1 Review Basics

The Sidewinder X1 is a BIG machine, with a build volume measuring 11.8”L x 11.8”D x 15.7”H and exterior dimensions measuring 21.6”L x 15.9”D x 34.2”H with filament. This printer achieves resolutions as small as 100 microns and prints in a common variety of filaments including ABS, PLA, TPU, and PETG. As you would expect given this filament list, the Sidewinder X1 comes complete with a heated glass print bed and a powerful supply unit to heat it up quickly.

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Max travel and print speeds are fairly high, meaning you can rush rough models when needed. Typically you will still print around 50-80mm/s, but we always like the option to speed things up.The Sidewinder X1 doesn’t leave you wanting for connectivity options, either. Use WiFi, SD card, or a USB stick to upload your models and use the color touch screen to interface with the printer itself.

Artillery Sidewinder X1 Review Pros

Quiet Operation

From the moment you start the Sidewinder X1, it sets itself apart from the competition with whisper-quiet operation. Most people could easily run this printer in the same room they sleep. Most printers, including the Sidewinder X1’s biggest competition, the CR-10, can’t come close to the near silent operation of this printer.

Solid, Aluminum Construction

Another thing users notice right away is this printer’s awesome build quality. The frame is made from thick, durable aluminum, cable management is clean, and all belts and screws remain firmly in place. The exceptional stability of this machine means fewer errors in your prints. Not only does the Sidewinder X1 offer a clean, modern design, it’s also built to last.

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Compares Well to Competitors

Some people find the Sidewinder X1 while shopping for other large, budget 3D printers. The most common printer compared to the Sidewinder X1 is the CR-10 and other large-scale Prusa i3 copies. We think it’s impressive that the Sidewinder X1 has held its own against the competition with its affordable pricetag, enormous build volume, solid construction, and numerous safety and convenience features. For example, the Sidewinder X1 uses filament detection as well as power-outage and thermal runaway protection. It also includes user-friendly features like a color-touchscreen, fast-acting AC heated print bed, assisted leveling, and even multiple connectivity options. That makes the Sidewinder X1 a real contender in the big, cheap 3D printing sector.

Artillery Sidewinder X1 Review Cons

Imperfect Out-of-the-Box

When the Sidewinder X1 first came out, many customers complained of QC issues. Although it’s clear that Artillery listens to its community and is working hard to fix issues on new units, some still fall through the cracks. The problems are usually small but fall into a range of categories. For example, some users complain that their ribbon cables came with bed pins, or that their thermistor came faulty. Other people notice a few screws missing from the assembly package. These small issues are usually easy to fix but it’s a shame to see them at all.

Artillery Sidewinder X1 Review Verdict

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We often see quality control problems with new or small companies like Artillery. Sometimes, when you’re working hard on making a great product, there’s not a lot left in the budget to make sure every unit is perfect before leaving the factory. That’s not an excuse for Artillery, but we do think that their work on the Sidewinder X1 deserves praise beyond their QC woes. Once this printer gets up and running, you see how well-designed it is and can appreciate its tank-like build. Of course, the precision is also impressive considering the enormous build volume.

We also appreciate that there have been fewer and less egregious QC issues with each new run of the Sidewinder X1. That shows us that Artillery care about customer experience and are willing to admit fault. This is an awesome machine despite a few potential defects out of the box.


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